World-renowned artists Farina,  TOOSII and host Amanda Cerny.

(Over 60 million social media followers combined!).



This New Years Eve 2021 DIGITALAX is working with the leading virtual experiences platform to present the first VIRTUAL VIP PRIVATE DIGITALAX ROOM. 

Early-bird sale New Year’s Concert.

Exclusive VIP Access to the New Year’s Concert.

Exclusive Personalised Virtual World.

6 Months Access


Exclusive VIP Access to the DIGITALAX VIP Virtual Room for an Immersive New Year’s Concert.

Enter our exclusive virtual room for an immersive New Year’s concert experience with world-renowned artists Farina, TOOSII and host Amanda Cerny (Over 60 million social media followers combined!).

✓ Choose your avatar.
✓ Hang out and network with other VIPs.
✓ Open for 24 hours. Experience it prior to and after the concert! 
✓ Experience a NYE virtual concert.
✓ Order food in the room! 


Ticket Sales Close December 25th

0.1 E or 0.25 $MONA


Create Your Own Personalised Virtual World. 

Purchase your very own customisable and personalised virtual world. Wear select DIGITALAX Digital Fashion NFTs in your world! 


DIGITALAX has partnered with to demonstrate the first Digital NFT Wearable Integration and Recognition by a Non-Blockchain Based VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES Platform. See our NFT Recognition and Non-Blockchain Cross Platform Certification Acknowledgement Agreement.

✓ Choose your avatar + bring in DIGITALAX digital fashion NFTs. 
✓ Host events and conferences, invite friends, network.

✓ Recustomisable. 
✓ Experience the world for 6 months.

✓ Enter anytime.

✓ See a preview of your world before Christmas, have full access by      mid January. 

1.25 E or 1 $MONA



How do I access the DIGITALAX VIP ROOM?

  • Purchase a ticket with ETH or $MONA. 

  • You must provide your Email, TG/DISCORD handle and Full Name.

  • Once a ticket has been purchased we will get back to you within 12 hours. 

  • You will need to download the App on your computer (Windows/Mac) to access the DIGITALAX VIP virtual room. 

  • You will be sent a unique request code prior to the event and will use this to access the room through the app. 

  • You can enter the room 12 hours prior to the concert and the room will remain open for 12 hours after the concert finishes. 

  • Get yourself ready for the best virtual concert experience!  Remember to be on time!


When is the Concert? What can you do in the DIGITALAX VIP Room? 

The concert begins at 10pm EST 31st December 2020. The VIP room will be open 12 hours before the event begins and remain open for 12 hours after. There will be exclusive performances by world renowned artists Farina, Toosii, with the event being hosted by influencer Amanda Cerny.  This is the biggest New Years Eve virtual concert experience! The DIGITALAX VIP room provides an exclusive VIP room viewing of and access to the concert. You can network with other VIP access members, order food, choose your avatar, experience the NYE concert! 

Payment terms.

Payment can be made in either $MONA or ETH to the designated ERC-20 wallet address sent your email address. The team will also verify you by your TG/discord handle. Please be aware of scammers. A verified DIGITALAX team member will reach out to you. They will be admins in the DIGITALAX telegram chat and ambassadors on the DIGITALAX discord group.

When do ticket purchases close?

You will be able to purchase tickets up until...

DIGITALAX and Youcanevent Partnership. 

DIGITALAX has partnered with to demonstrate the first Digital NFT Wearable Integration and Recognition by a Non-Blockchain Based VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES Platform. The DIGITALAX digital fashion NFTs, issued as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, will be used, distributed and deployed under the Non-Fungible Tokens Recognition (NFTR),  Non-Fungible Tokens Distribution (NFTD), and Non-Blockchain Cross-Platform Usage (NBCPU) licenses and standards for the Youcanevent personalised virtual worlds. See the full agreement here. 

How will the DIGITALAX digital fashion NFTs be accepted in my personalised virtual world?

The DIGITALAX digital fashion item must be held in the same wallet as what was used to purchase the personalised virtual world in order for it to be recognised and made interoperable into the app. The purchased virtual worlds will be open for 6 months and will be live for avatar access from mid January. You will be able to provide your customisation options and requests to DIGITALAX and Youcanevent after purchasing your world. Videos of your virtual world will be provided to you for initial viewing 7 days after providing the personalised content requests. 

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DIGITALAX is the first digital fashion NFT engine built on the Ethereum network. We are bringing new industry standards around digital goods, Open Digital Licenses, digital supply chain automation and addressing core problems around NFT liquidity and stability. DIGITALAX is positioning as the digital fashion provider across 3D content. 

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